waterfallThere is no other way to spend your dream vacation than having it on a tropical island that has varieties of places to go to without having the difficulty looking for it. The vast natural resources of Thailand has made it the place for tourists to come and stay for a long weekend or vacation either for an escapade away from the city life or for a relaxation near the waters of beautiful Thailand.

One place you can go to and do these things is Kanchanaburi. Explore this place and enjoy all sorts of adventure.

Journey into the beautiful place of Erawan National Park and see the wonderful and breathtaking Erawan Waterfall. Its waterfall is tiered and you can really bathe on it. You can show your best swimming skill and even meet new people. You can be blown away by the fabulous forest scenario surrounding the waterfall. You will surely have that great splashing time like no other.museum

Enjoy the thrill of the most treasured and kept historical significance of Kanchanaburi by going to the Death Railway and Hell Fire Pass. The Death Railway tells a story about the World War II when the Japanese came to Kanchanaburi on a train as their transportation. The Hellfire Pass used to be a part of the Death Railway Station back in World War II. This place got its name from the eerie light and shadow created by the POWs playing on the cutting walls. The surrounding has that little horror because back in July 1943 many people died from beating up and ailments that had never been addressed. Now that is something very interesting to see. When you arrive at the place, you now know a little bit about it. There are more things that you will find about these places.

tigers7_0Do not forget to experience the close bond of wildlife in Tiger Temple. In this area you will see many tigers maintained and sometimes kept close by the monks. These tigers are real! You will have that feeling of excitement coming close to them because you are allowed to do so and take pictures with them. You can pat the tiger’s back or perhaps watch its animal instinct from afar. This would be one of the best and unforgettable encounters of tigers that you have never before in your life imagined that you would have.

You can buy fruits, vegetables and other food in the Floating Market. You can eventually ride a boat and purchase any food on the other boat. You can negotiate, make friends, take pictures and select food all at the same time. You can experience a whole new different level of fun above water. The more colors there are in a boat, the more food are there. Now that is something to look forward to especially during meal time.canoe

Do not just imagine yourself on a great water adventure like kayaking. You can actually do this under the River Kwai Bridge and just move yourself with the stroke of a paddle while enjoying the view of the smooth and cool river. You can look up and witness the beautiful River Kwai Bridge. That is one fun and exciting way to become part of Kanchanaburi history.

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